GRCA Events, Titles and Awards

2018 Qualifiers

GCHS Amica And Blueprints Golden Road
Owners: J Andras/A Andras/M Nieman
Breeders: M Nieman/A Andras/J Andras
GCHB Amica + Blueprint Take Em By Storm DJ
Owners and Breeders: M Nieman/J Andras/A Andras
GCHS Bear Valleys Luciano Mi Tesoro RN CGCA TKI
Owner: K Briggs
Breeder: S Cobb
GCH Boca Golds Quarterly Dividends
Owners: M Whitney/C Gallagher/G Chu
Breeders: M Whitney/N Whitney/T Bradley
GCHS Flying Nico De Himmelstein
Owners: O Da Silva/N Barros Llona/R Gordon/J Hoffman
Breeders: O Da Silva/N Barros
GCHS Futura Lime Me Entertain You
Owner: T Prince
Breeders: J Knobbe/J Masterson
GCHB Goldtales Backwoods Barbie
Owner and Breeder: S Babich
GCHS Goodlifes Duff The Magic Dragon
Owners: J Cahill/R Cahill/G Kincer
Breeder: J Cahill
GCHS Hi-Tides Island Of Love
Owners: A Farley/M Jorden
Breeders: M Jorden/D Jorden/M Simpson/J Piner
GCHS Hillocks Jack Daniels RA JH CA RATN CGC
Owners: T Tomlinson/J Cohen/R Samios
Breeders: L Cohen/J Cohen/T Tomlinson
GCHB Kingslandings Eastern Heroine
Owners: D Cai/P Jiang/Y Fan
Breeders: D Cai/P Jiang/M Miller
GCHP Micins Broxden Riesling To The Occasion CGC
Owners: L Fernandes/D Salow/K Foist/C Fisher/A Booth/J Ovalle
Breeders: C Fisher/A Booth/P Booth
GCHB Nocatee Wonderlands Stone In Love
Owners: V Gank/D Gank
Breeders: J Myers/L Napoli
GCHG Rush Hills See QWill To Golden Hills
Owners: C Meddaugh/M Aldeguer/T Struble
Breeders: T Struble/C Heisler
GCHB Scion Mr. Right For Cbear
Owner: M Lim
Breeder: P Simpson
GCHG Scion Special Addition
Owners: P Simpson/S Nordstrom
Breeders: P Simpson/P Wedding
GCH Summits Game Set Match CGC
Owner: B Cohen
Breeders: B Johnson/D Nobel/C Nobel
GCHS Summits I Can Cry If I Want To
Owners: B Johnson/G Dinges
Breeders: B Johnson/J Sedivec/K Sedivec/G Dinges
GCHG Sweetgold Double Down
Owners: K Anton/R Anton/J Dunbar
Breeders: K Anton/R Anton
Owner: C Blimline
Breeders: K Whipple/J Andras/A Andras
GCHB Tamarack Oughtabe The Mayor
Owners: J Cooper, D Cooper
Breeders: K Whipple/J Andras/A Andras
GCH Teddybears Rock Hudson RN JH CAX DJ
Owners: K Judisch/K Johnson Siegle
Breeder: K Johnson Siegle
GCHG Trilogys Under The Kilt
Owner and Breeder: L Murfitt