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GRCA Puppy Referral Manual – For Member Clubs

Puppies meet a catThis manual was originally written by Anne McGuire, Ph.D., and was revised by the Golden Retriever Club of America (GRCA) Puppy Referral Task Group, with assistance from puppy referral personnel across the United States during 2004-2005. It is meant to serve as a resource which clubs may use to organize puppy referral services. Suggestions for improvement of this manual are always welcome and should be forwarded to the Chairman of the GRCA Puppy Referral Committee.

There are as many ways to structure a puppy referral program as there are member clubs doing puppy referral throughout the United States. The GRCA cannot tell you how to run your club’s puppy referral program; however, we can offer suggestions and ideas based on the organization of member club programs that have proven successful. There are some common themes among the puppy referrals nation-wide. This manual will outline some of the different ideas used for puppy referral, make suggestions and identify common problems.

When developing a puppy referral program, it is of utmost importance to define a program that will work given the financial and manpower resources available to your club and area. Take into consideration the particular needs of your geographic region. Puppy referral is, if nothing else, a powerful public education tool. Public perceptions about buying a puppy may vary from region to region; each puppy referral should adapt their public education program to meet local needs.

To read the entire manual, download it using the link above!