Marshbanks GRC of South-Central Michigan

Club Name:  Marshbanks GRC of South-Central Michigan

Event Date:  Nov 21, 2021

Event Time:  9:00 AM

Location:  Northfield Dog Training Center, 3676 W.Ellsworth Rd, Ann Arbor, MI. 48103

Entry Fee:  $80

Limited Entry:  24

Alternates:  1


Closing Date:  Nov 08, 2021

Entries Accepted by:  Random Draw


Elizabeth Greenfield – Category 1

Patricia Flanagan – Category 1

Laura Weinmann – Category 2

Event Chair:  Mary Ann Redman

Event Secy:  Pat Swallows

Committee Member:  Laura Voncina

Secy Email:

Secy Phone:  810-397-6511

Mail Entries to:  13382 N State Rd. Otisville, MI. 48463