New GRCA National Specialty Judge Selection Process

Over the past several years, the GRCA Board of Directors has initiated multiple processes to help shoulder some of the responsibilities placed on a local club hosting the GRCA National Specialty.  Despite our best efforts, GRCA was not able to find a club willing to host a National Specialty beyond 2022.  The decision was made that GRCA would assume the responsibility of hosting the GRCA National Specialty starting in 2023.  (Res NS20-76)

As part of this process, it became clear we needed to adopt a fair method for selecting conformation judges for the National Specialty similar to what many other National breed clubs do.  This judge selection process allows GRCA members to have a voice in their choice of conformation judges.  To avoid the administrative cost of printing, mailing and counting ballots to over 4,500 GRCA members and to initiate a plan for NS2023 judge selection, an electronic voting platform was selected at nominal cost to GRCA.  This platform more than satisfies our requirement for a user-friendly, secure election.

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