DVD: Handling Secrets Uncovered


“Handling Secrets Uncovered” – featuring handlers Bill & Taffy McFadden, Marj Brooks, Valerie Nunes Atkinson, Doris Boyd, Laurie Jordan Fenner and Amy Rutherford. This DVD is helpful and features many breeds demonstrating various handling techniques and tips. 

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This is a 2-part DVD package to aid learning the ins and outs of handling.


Handling Secrets Uncovered was produced by Cathie Turner and Sunbeam Farms Productions in the late 1990’s to raise funds to support lobbying to oppose legislation that was bad for the health of dogs and restricted the rights of responsible dog owners.  In 2016, Cathie offered to have the Golden Retriever Club of Greater Los Angeles use this as a fundraiser in support of the 2019 GRCA National Specialty.  And again, before her passing, Cathie gave permission for GRCA to use this as a fundraiser for future National Specialties.  We thank Cathie Turner and Sunbeam Farms Productions for their generosity.