Northern Flyway GRC of Wisconsin CCA

Club Name:  Northern Flyway Golden Retriever Club of Wisconsin
Event Date:  11/02/24
Event Time:  9AM
Event Location:  Ariel Training Building
Limited Entry:  18
Alternates: 3
Closing Date: 10/21/24
Entries Accepted:  Random Draw on the evening of the date of closing
Opening Date:  04/15/24
Additional Info:  Complimentary lunch available to all exhibitors and spectators.
Evaluators:  Maureen Shaughessy DVM- Cat 1, Mary Ellen Hardin – Cat 1, Heather Donnelly – Cat 2
Event Chair:  Deborah Seline
Event Secy:  Deborah Krebsbach
N26 W27037 Prospect Ave, Pewaukee, WI. 53072
Committee Member:  Cindy  Pischke