New to Purebred Dog Sports? – Get Started!

Golden Retrievers are good at so many games and events! We hope you will try some out. The bond you will develop with your Golden will be truly special. Here are some tips to help you get started and stay involved in the fabulous world of Canine Sports. Learn more here!

AKC Titles

American Kennel Club Titles, what do all those letters mean??  Learn more here! 

GRCA Titles

GRCA Titles Awards and Designations  Learn More Here!

Event Calendar

Learn about Educational events and Seminars sponsored by local clubs as well as local Field events, Obedience Trials,Tracking, dog Shows, etc. Learn more here!

Agility Trials

Odds are you’ve seen dogs doing agility, either while at a dog show, or in a video shared on Face Book, or even in a friend’s backyard. You might have been standing in puppy class with your new Golden Retriever puppy. Learn more here!


Learn about the Golden Retriever standard and showing in conformation. Learn more here!

Field Events and Field Training

Information and links regarding upcoming National Specialty field trials and local Golden Retriever Club field trial activities. Learn more here!

Dual Dogs – Conformation and Field

Learn more here!

Obedience Trials

Dogs, by nature, are pack animals with a well-defined social order. As you and your family become your dog’s pack, your new dog will look to you — the leader of the pack — for guidance. Leadership can be established in a firm but friendly manner. Learn more here!


Tracking is a technique in which dogs are trained to locate certain objects by using the object’s scent, for a variety of purposes. Utilize the links below to learn more about how to get started in tracking, from frequently asked questions, and facts and statistics that you will find useful. For any additional questions, please contact the GRCA for more information! Learn more here!

GRCA National and Regional Specialties

Key information and links regarding the upcoming GRCA National Specialty, Regional Specialties, and local Golden Retriever Club activities . Learn more here!

Activities for Juniors

Activities for Juniors

The GRCA welcomes junior members and encourages them to get involved! Use the following links to navigate additional information on GRCA activities for juniors throughout the country. Learn more here!

2014 Year-End Statistics – Conformation, Field, Obedience, and Agility

View the Conformation, Field, Obedience, and Agility Year End Statistics all in one place – Click the button below. You will also find Year End Statistics for specific events. Learn more here!

GRCA Hall of Fame Awards

Learn more here!