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Hunting Test Hall of Fame Goldens

The following are the Golden Retrievers who met the high standard required to become a member of the GRCA Hunting Test Hall of Fame. The Goldens featured here all have met the criteria of having 50 Master passes (25 points) while competing in AKC Licensed Master Hunting Tests or of having a Master National Hunter title. Some Goldens have fulfilled both requirements.

They were awarded ½ a point for every AKC Licensed Master Hunting Test that they passed, or they qualified in three Master National Hunting Tests to earn the MNH title.

The HTHF Certificate will be handled in the same manner as that which is done for the OS/OD Certificate. The GRCA will collect the data and provide a certificate at the end of each year.

When you look over the credentials of these marvelous and exceedingly talented Goldens, you cannot help but be impressed with each and every one of them. Our applause and cheers go to these great Goldens and our appreciation to their owners for sharing them with us. They are listed in the order of the year in which the title was earned, with the year they were whelped in parentheses. The titles listed were those at the time they qualified.

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Entry Year       Dog’s Name

2015                Aero-Jett Garden Party Kate CDX RA MH61 WCX OD

2015                Ajax The Greater of McLean MH49 MNH5***

2015                Alpenglos Western Marshal MH51 MNH4

2015                Big Horn Chasin’ Holway’s Gold MH31 MNH4 WCX

2015                Brassfire’s Bayou Bombshell MH35 MNH3**

2015                Brassfire’s Mustang Sally MH54 MNH3 WCX** OD

2015                Buckshot’s Yukon Bontonbeau MH47 MNH3 WCX**

2015                Choctaw’s Yukon Copper Penny MH61 MNH4 WCX**OS

2015                Ctrl Alt Del UD VER RAE MH50 OA OAJ OF WCX** VCX CCA

2015                Emberain Augustus of Triever MH72 MNH3***

2015                Emberain Devil In Disguise MH59 MNH3 WCX***

2015                Emberain Ivy Gotta Go Hunting RN MH71 MNH4 WCX

2015                Emberain Lefty Lucy MH55 MNH3***

2015                Escapade Punch MH50 WCX**

2015                Firemark’s Holy Terra MH54 MNH3***

2015                Firemarks Bright Copper MH68 MNH3 WCX

2015                Gentleman Bailey Gun’N Gold MH26 MNH3 WCX** OS

2015                High Times GLDNLCH Soul Shaker CDX MNH3 WCX***

2015                Jackson Apollo MH33 MNH3**

2015                Kuventre Daddy Let Me Drive MH85*** OS

2015                Nealcrest Keep On Shining MH38 MNH3** OS

2015                Pc’s You’Re The One MH51 MNH3 WCX

2015                Real Gold Roxie Music To My Ears MH96 MNH3 WCX** OD CCA

2015                Resawood’s Premium Blend CD RN MH52 WCX*** CCA

2015                Riverwoods Heza Wild Game Keeper MH62 MNH3***

2015                Satchabrat MH52 MNH3 OD

2015                Semper Austin Mini-Cooper BN MH53

2015                Sungold Arizona Moss MH19 MNH3

2015                Timberline Magic Goldust CDX MH51 MNH3 WCX OD

2015                Topbrass Diesel MH29 MNH3 WCX

2015                Topbrass Happy Camper MH69 WCX***

2015                Topbrass Shining Sambuca CD MH54 MNH5 WCX***

2015                Topbrass Shudabin A Cowboy UDX MH70 WCX OS

2015                Wahkiakum’s Red Man MH45 MNH3 WCX***

2016                Hi Top’s Sudden Impact VCD2 BN RE MH50 AXJ NF  WCX** VC HTHF CCA

2016                Highroller Marshall Matt Dillon MH50 WCX** MNR HTHF CCA

2016                Roux’s Steamin’ Red Hot Blues CDX RE MH50 AX AXJ OF WCX** HTHF CCA

2016                Salt Marsh Ceilidh Dancer MH50*** HTHF

2016                Sunfire’s Lacey of Notch Hill MNH

2016                Topbrass DND Susquehanna Dreamcatcher MH50** UD OAP OJP OFP OD HTHF VCX CCA

2016                You Have Got To Be Kidding CD RA MH50 NA NAJ NF CGC WCX***

2017                Adirondac’s Weebe Put’N A Hex On You CDX RA MH22 OA OAJ OF WCX **

2017                Magicgold’s Orient Express UDX OM1 GO VER MH

2017                          Roostin’ In The Fields Of Magicgold UDX PCD OM1 BN GN RAE MH CGC

2017                Salt Marsh Tiger Rose MH41

2017                Topbrass Gotta Lovett CD RE MH51 AX AXJ OF WCX *** HTHF VCX CCA

2017                Turbo Steam’N Twilight Dragon CDX MH15 QA2

2018                CT MACH Gaylan’s Lucky Four Leaf Clover VCD4 UDX4 RE MH50

2018                High Times Applejacks Mike MH

2018                HRCH Tango Dauninge Sunshine On A Cloudy Day CDX RE MH50 AXP AJP CCA CGC TKA WCX HTHF VCX

2018                Indian Creek’s Majestic Crimson Rose MH

2018                Lorfield’s I Get Around MH30 MNH CCA WCX

2018                Runs Creek Be Ready For Yeti MH MNH ***

2018                Topbrass Calvin-N-Hobbes MH WCX CCA

2018                Topbrass Drake Junior MH

2018                Topbrass Prettyltl Supedup 4wd

2018                Truline Rio Arctic Creek Flyer CDX RA MH AXP AJ

2019                Beaverdam Diversifier RN MH50 DJ DN

2019                Brassfire’s Attitude Sail’N W Capt’N Flash MH

2019                Dnd Dances With Fire UDX VER MH52 NA CCA

2019                Gaylan’s Olde St Nick Naughty Or Nice MH

2019                Happdaugh’s A Cut Above MH QA2

2019                Happydaugh Strikes Gold MH QA2

2019                High Times Hunters Mist MH WCX

2019                Island Acres Glorius Vintage SH

2019                Sunfire’s Long Hot Summer CDX VER MH50 CGC WCX CCA


2020                Turbo Twilight Explosion CD MH

2021                Dnd Top Gun SH

2021                In-Transit MH

2021                Kelakye Gaffey Beau MH

2021                River Duck’s Gimme A Pass MH

2021                St. Jude’s Autumn Field Poppy SH CGC

2021                Thistle Rocks Get A Grip SH

2021                Thunderstruck Django Unchained SH

2021                Topbrass City Limits MH

2021                Topbrass Murphy’s Stout Of The Midnight Sun MH

2021                Topbrass Mister Beau Jangles MH CGC

2022                Autumn’s Sunka Luta Sioux SH CGC

2022                Brassfire’s Cowboy Casanova CDX MH

2022                Magicgold’s Blame It On Reo SH NA NAJ

2022                Marathon’s Being Just Jack MH MX MXB MXJ MJB

2022                Pemberley’s Rime Time OA NF

2022                Salt Marsh Penny Red MH

2022                Topbrass Turbo Don’t Ask Why CDX MH QA2

2022                Watermark’s Tall Texan At Rockin-X SH

2022                Weebe Sawtooth’s Sic’Emmore SH

2023                Brassfire’s Its5oclocksomewhere SH

2023                Fern Hill Panda’s Sunday Best MAH3

2023                Firemark’s Mack The Knife

2023                J&J’s Usmc General Walt MAH3

2023                Onedrdogs Ove The Salish Sea

2023                Swamp Collie’s Gotta Have Heart MH

2023                Topbrass Northstar Crazy Train MH

2023                Turbo Uh-Oh Big 5-0 CD RN SH

2023                Wynwood’s Storm Warning MH50

2023                Wfk’s Willa B. Ready MH MNH

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