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GRCA Officers
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President Patricia McCabe
Vice President – Western Region (First VP)   Angela McLean
Vice President – Central Region (Second VP) Jolene Carey
Vice President – Eastern Region (Third VP) Karin Shinego
Secretary Karen Arbuthnot
Treasurer Marcy Werner
Director Western Region Vickie Carson
Director Western Region Sharon Shilkoff
Director Central Region Christina Crone
Director Central Region Patricia Flanagan
Director Eastern Region Robert Swanson
Director Eastern Region Patty McEwen

Administrative Assistants

Administrative Assistant

Sherri Farmer
PO Box 1720
Wylie, TX  75098

Membership Administrator  (Including all issues having to
do with membership, change of address and undelivered
copies of the GRNews)

Carol Sandusky
680 Lake Vista Lane
Lavon, TX 75166

Committee Chairs

Committee Name Chairperson Board Liaison
Judges’ Education Committee Barbara Pepper Vickie Carson
Breeders’ Education Committee Patricia Flanagan Patricia Flanagan
Field Education Committee James Giacalone Patty McCabe
Public Education Committee Nora Hayes Jolene Carey & Robert Swanson
Breed Standard Marcia Schlehr Patty McCabe
CCA (Certificate of Conformation Assessment) Joanne Cava Patty McEwen  & Patricia Flanagan
Certificate Coordinator Sherri Farmer Karin Shinego
GRCA Committee to Assist Rescue Effort (GRCA CARE) Karen Swanson Karin Shinego
Health & Genetics Ann Hubbs Jolene Carey
Intellectual Property Liaison Nancy Ridgway Jolene Carey
Legal Resource Committee Diane Stefani Karin Shinego
Nominating Committee Jeffrey Pepper Karen Arbuthnot
Technical Support Committee Kurt Macauley Sheila Colyer
Top 20 Committee Julie Matney Christina Crone
VC/VCX/VCM – OS/OD Program Review Committee Sherri Farmer Karin Shinego
WC/WCX- Chairman Peg Burlett Christina Crone
     WC/WCX – Eastern Region Rep Hank Hahn Christina Crone
     WC/WCX – Central Region Rep Peg Burlett Christina Crone
     WC/WCX – Western Region Rep Rita Robins Christina Crone


Statistician Board Liaison
Agility Statistician Mardee Kayser Patty McEwen
Agility HOF Statistician Jessica Hecock Patty McEwen
Preferred Agility HOF Statistician Jessica Hecock Patty McEwen
Conformation Statistician Lindsay Nieman Patty McEwen
Field Statistician Roger Fuller Patty McEwen
OS/OD Statistician Noreen Sila Patty McEwen
Obedience Statistician Helen Smith Patty McEwen
Junior Show. Statistician Hanna Stone Patty McEwen
Triathlon Statistician Susan Young Patty McEwen
Show Dog Hall of Fame Statistician Jane Christy Patty McEwen
Hunting Test Dog Hall of Fame (HTHF) Statistician Roger Fuller Patty McEwen
Dual Dog Hall of Fame Statistician Shari Degan Patty McEwen

Other GRCA Contacts

Contact Position Contact Person Board Liaison
AKC Delegate Ellen Hardin Patty McCabe
AKC Gazette Columnist Nona Kilgore Bauer Karen Arbuthnot
Archives Angela McLean
GRN Back Issues Agent Available Christina Crone
Club Banners Donna Morgan Sharon Shilkoff
National Specialty Health Clinic Coordinator Theresa Douglas Patricia Flanagan
Golden Retriever Foundation Chris Miele Jolene Carey
Golden Retriever Reproduction Bank Sue Schwarz Angela McLean
GRNews Sylvia Donahey-Feeney Karen Arbuthnot
GRCA Store Coordinator Sarah Stevenson Robert Swanson
GRCA Store-Merchandise Manager Laura Weinmann Robert Swanson
GRCA Store-Online Store Fulfillment Manager Sarah Stevenson Robert Swanson
GRCA Store-Booth Manager Martha Jacobs Robert Swanson
Health & Genetics – Coordinator Rhonda Hovan Jolene Carey
Historian Marcia Schlehr Angela McLean
Internet Watchdog Ashley Tercero Karin Shinego
Junior Achievement Award Karen Arbuthnot Karen Arbuthnot
Kennel Prefix Listing Carol Sandusky Sheila Colyer
Legislative Liaison Barbara Reichman Karin Shinego
National Specialty Director Sharon Shilkoff Sharon Shilkoff & Patricia Flanagan
Master Amateur Retriever Club Delegate Roger Fuller Christina Crone
Master National Retriever Club Delegate Roger Fuller Christina Crone
NRC & NARC Delegate Roger Fuller Christina Crone
New Member Clubs Karen Arbuthnot Karen Arbuthnot
Social Media Chairperson Dana Fortini Robert Swanson
Social Media – Facebook Coordinator Cathy Meddaugh Robert Swanson
Social Media – Instagram Coordinator Anna Vosko Robert Swanson
VC/VCX/VCM Recorder Susan Sheets Karin Shinego
WC/WCX Recorder Ann Horton Christina Crone
Web Site Committee Cathy Story Christina Crone
Yearbook Shari Degan Karin Shinego