GRCA Awards

GRCA Versatility (VC) and Versatility Excellent (VCX) Awards


Mission Statement:

The Golden Retriever Club of America holds in highest esteem the versatility of those Golden Retrievers who reflect both the conformation and working attributes of the breed. The Versatility Certificate (VC) and Versatility Excellent Certificate (VCX) are awarded to those Golden Retrievers who exemplify that degree of versatility through a combination of accomplishments in each of the following areas : Conformation, Field and Performance.

Requirements for the Versatility Certificate (VC) and Versatility Excellent Certificate (VCX)

  1. Versatility Certificates and Versatility Excellent Certificates are awarded only when applied for and accompanied by supporting documentation.
  2. Versatility points are awarded for the highest achievements in each area: Conformation, Performance and Field.
  3. The Conformation area includes accomplishments in the Breed ring or CCA tests. The Performance area is comprised of titles in the venues of Obedience (including Rally), Agility and Tracking. The Field area consists of Hunt Test, Field Trial and WC/WCX accomplishments.
  4. The dog must have at least 1 point in each area of Conformation, Performance and Field.
  5. A total of 12 points must be acquired for a Versatility Certificate (VC). The Versatility Excellent Certificate (VCX) requires a total of 20 points.
  6. Points within a venue are not cumulative (Only the highest point title is recognized).

Schedule of AKC/GRCA Title Points for VC/VCX:

Submitting your VC or VCX Application

  1. You must be a current GRCA member.
  2. Applications need to meet the current Title-Point Schedule requirements
  3. You must complete the application form


  1. For all AKC titles in order of preference
  2. A link to the GRCA Yearbook page
  3. A scan or photocopy of the most current AKC title certificate
  4. A scan or photocopy of the dog’s official show or trial record provided by AKC
  5. For all GRCA titles in order of preference
  6. A link to the GRCA Yearbook page
  7. A scan or photocopy of the official CCA, WC or WCX title certificate
  8. For field trial placements or JAMs (three star or two star awards)
  9. A link to the GRCA Yearbook page is required

The GRCA Yearbook page is the preferred documentation due to strict requirements for accuracy in the Yearbook Database. For access to the database go to: and follow instructions. VC/VCX certificates are not awarded until all titles have been verified. We use the GRCA Yearbook Database for ownership and breeder verification as well. If ownership of your dog has changed you must also submit a scan or photocopy of the current registration.

VCX Write-ups and photos

VCX qualifiers will have a photo/write-up in the GRNews. Please submit a high resolution scan or photo and a write-up (maximum 150 words) with your application