GRCA Events, Titles and Awards

Versatility (VC), Versatility Excellent (VCX) and Versatility Master (VCM) Awards

The GRCA holds in highest esteem the versatility of those Golden Retrievers who reflect both the conformation and working attributes of the breed. The Versatility Certificate (VC), Versatility Excellent Certificate (VCX) and Versatility Master Certificate (VCM) are awarded to those Golden Retrievers who exemplify that degree of versatility through a combination of accomplishments in each of the following areas : Conformation, Field and Performance.

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Triathlon Awards

In recognition of the versatility of the Golden Retriever, and to encourage owners to showcase that versatility by participating in multiple areas of competition at National and Regional specialty events, the Golden Retriever Club of America has established a “Triathlon Award” for dogs which meet certain criteria.

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GRCA Hall of Fame Awards

  • GRCA Agility Dog Hall of Fame (ADHF)
  • GRCA Preferred Agility Dog Hall of Fame (PADHF)
  • GRCA Dual Dog Hall of Fame (DDHF)
  • GRCA Field Dog Hall of Fame (FDHF)
  • GRCA Obedience Dog Hall of Fame (OBHF)
  • GRCA Show Dog Hall of Fame (SDHF)
  • GRCA Hunting Test Hall of Fame (HTHF)

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Outstanding Sire and Dam Awards

The future of the Golden Retriever rests with the sires and dams that produce each successive generation. In recognition of their contributions to the breed, the Golden Retriever Club of America awards the titles of Outstanding Sire (OS) and Outstanding Dam (OD) to Golden Retrievers whose offspring reflect the breed’s character and purpose. This degree of excellence is evidenced by the earned AKC and GRCA titles of these offspring. Those Goldens whose offspring earn the required number of points (as determined by the GRCA) through these earned titles will be awarded the title of Outstanding Sire (OS) and Outstanding Dam (OD).

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GRCA Certificate Programs

More information about all the GRCA certificate programs (Hall of Fame, Outstanding Producers, Versatility, WC/WCX, CCA, and Triathlon)

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Gold Standard Award

This award is presented to honor a Golden Retriever who performs honorable, heroic acts or who enriches, inspires or contributes to the lives of individuals and communities during the previous year’s period.

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