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Volunteer Openings

The Golden Retriever Club of America offers the following volunteer positions to our members. Complete job descriptions are available from the GRCA Secretary. All resumes should be submitted to the GRCA Secretary




COMMITTEE OF:         Three (3) – Must be a GRCA member in good standing
COMMITTEE TYPE:     Appointed by GRCA with staggered three-year terms with one consecutive renewal term
SUPPLIES NEEDED:      Computer and printer
Email and access to internet
Cell phone
SKILLS REQUIRED:       Teamwork
Good judgement
Strong communications both oral and written
Ability to deal constructively with a variety of people
Successfully complete a criminal background check
Note:  This is a volunteer position and Directors are expected to   participate in all programs and functions at their own expense, including the National Specialty.  Expense for travel undertaken for GRF business (conferences, meetings, etc.) requires GRF BOD prior approval.

Ensure that the Directors share a clear vision for the GRF. Set direction and strategy to the Directors.
Develop agendas and lead meetings.
Ensure the Directors have the information necessary to carry out their tasks.
Report annually to the GRCA BOD the positions assigned to each GRF Director.
Supply the GRCA BOD with GRF Board minutes as well as detailed reports for the GRCA’s Midyear and Annual Meetings and additional information
as needed.
Keep the GRCA BOD and Health and Genetics Committee apprised of activities and seek their counsel when needed.

Evaluate grant requests for significant health improvement and educational projects, determine the appropriate financial support and oversee the grant approval process
Establish, oversee and support relationships with our primary research partners, including the AKC Canine Health Foundation, Morris Animal Foundation and university research professors, among others.
Assist Golden Retriever rescue organizations with funds particularly for extraordinary medical expenses.
Maintain an active presence and promote awareness of the GRF with the GRCA membership through social media, the website, presentations, seminars and news blasts.
Develop long-range strategic plans. Be good financial stewards through development and implementation of sound financial planning goals.
Identify and solicit revenue sources.
Develop sound fundraising programs.
Assist and provide information for trusts and bequeaths, and monitor these through final execution.
Communicate past successes and future plans to financial supporters.
Annually appoint a GRF Secretary

Note:  Additional technical accounting requirements are required for the Treasurer’s position

Golden Retriever Foundation® Director – Treasurer


This position has lead responsibility for specific financial and accounting tasks and will fully participate in all discussions and decisions regarding the Foundation’s mission of health research, rescue and education.

This position requires:

  • Must be a GRCA Member in good standing.
  • Great discretion when dealing with financial information of donors and grant applicants.
  • Very accurate and organized work and files.
  • Knowledge of basic double entry bookkeeping, ability to balance accounts, understanding financial statements, and use of QuickBooks software.
  • Understanding the donation recording system.

Duties include:

  •   A. Financial Reporting
    • Entering all financial transactions into QuickBooks, including the donor data feed from the donation recording system.
    • Verify all bills and reimbursements.
    • Write checks, pay bills and grants.
    • Reconcile bank accounts, investment accounts and prepaid accounts.
    • Review and enter investment data, discuss investments with financial advisor and the GRF BOD.
    • Monitor and maintain the CHF donor advised fund.  Adjust as needed.
    • Prepare records and files for the audited financial statements and tax returns, contact the auditor and respond to any questions.
    • Provide regular and ad hoc financial reports, including the GRCA mid-year and annual reports.
    • Prepare budgets, cash flow projections, etc.  as needed.
  •  B. Grants
    • Receive and review grant requests for compliance with GRF policies and to ensure documentation supports the request.
    • Resolve any discrepancies with the applicant.
    • Forward all relevant information to the BOD and advise the BOD of any errors, deletions and precedents.
    • Advise applicant of the disposition of the grant request.
    • Maintain a comprehensive list of all approved grants.
  • C. Supervise the Director of Donor Relations
    • Thoroughly understand the process of receiving, recording and acknowledging donations.
    • Ensure donations are processed in a timely manner.
    • Regularly receive and process transaction files to update QuickBooks and balance all transactions.
    • Ensure the annual donor list is correct and published in the GRNews.
    • Review contractor time and performance.
  • D. National Specialty
    • Supply cash, cash box, credit card reader and checks for use at the National.
    • Attend the Invitational, if needed, to process auction item payments.
  • E. Trophy Cards
    • Receive trophy card orders, transmit to the Director of Donor Relations or process the order as needed.
    • Confirm trophy cards are received by the ordering club.
  • F. State Charitable Annual Reporting
    • Complete annual filing documents for each state as required.
    • Respond to any correspondence related to the charitable filings.
  • G. Bequest and Estate Planning

Equipment Required – computer with letter quality printer, word processing software, Internet access.  Bookkeeping and donation processing software, office expenditures such as paper, postage, etc. will be provided by the GRF.

Time – approximately 10-15 hours per week on average


We have openings for several positions on the newly created GRCA Committee to Assist Rescue Efforts (GRCA CARE).

The mission and purpose of the GRCA Committee to Assist Rescue Efforts (GRCA CARE) is to support and further the objectives of the Golden Retriever Club of America, by providing a network for collaboration among those Golden Retriever rescues that meet published criteria for affiliation.

The positions needed are:

One Committee Chairperson
Three Regional representatives (eastern, central, western)
One Administrative Assistant

Job Descriptions for the various positions are listed below for your information. If you are interested, please send your resume to the GRCA Secretary at 4jepgr4@gmail.com

Skills and qualifications for all GRCA CARE committee members

Experience as a volunteer or member of a Golden Retriever rescue organization.  Working knowledge of rescue activities, procedures, current trends or areas in need of development.

Demonstrated leadership and interpersonal skills.  Must be able to work well with diverse organizations and individuals.

Demonstrated communication skills.  Must be able to provide efficient linkage between affiliated clubs and the GRCA Board and membership.

Working understanding of GRCA committee structure and function.

Must be aware of, and at all times follow any official position statements and policies that the GRCA Board makes which affect rescue. Should ensure that these statements and policies, as well as specific policies and procedures of the GRCA CARE, are provided to the local rescues as appropriate.

Proficiency in basic computer tools such as word processing or spreadsheets.

Familiar with virtual forms of communication such as applications used with conference calls or online meetings.

Committee Chairman

Additional skills and qualifications:

GRCA member in good standing for a minimum of 3 years.

Preferred:  Experience as a leader of a Golden Retriever rescue organization.


Primary contact for the committee to the GRCA Board through the assigned board liaison.  Provide committee status reports for GRCA Board midyear and year-end meetings. Provide updates as needed to ensure the GRCA Board is aware of committee activities. Attend GRCA Board meetings when required.

Ensure GRCA CARE activities follow GRCA official position statements, policies and procedures.  Ensure these statements and policies, as well as specific policies and procedures of GRCA CARE, are provided to the GRCA CARE regional representatives and local rescues as appropriate.

Overall manager of committee activities.  Set goals and deadlines, track progress, revise strategies as needed. Ensures complete and accurate meeting minutes are recorded, maintained, and communicated to the GRCA Board liaison in a timely manner.

In concert with the GRCA Board liaison, act as the committee connection to Golden Retriever Foundation (GRF). Work with the GRF to share knowledge of rescue community activities that may have an impact on grant funding.

Serves as the liaison between the GRF and local rescues with respect to grant funding, and verification of local rescue status with respect to the GRCA CARE

Manage and monitor social media and webpage(s) content related to GRCA CARE. Create and post social media updates to communicate awareness of specific committee activities and rescue operations in general.

Maintain awareness of regional rescue activities.  Arrange/attend meetings as needed to assist regional representatives with their responsibilities.

When appropriate, arrange for informative articles to be submitted to the GRNews editor for publication.

Assist GRCA Board in the recruitment of GRCA CARE committee members.

 Regional Representatives

Additional skills and qualifications:

GRCA member in good standing for a minimum of 1 year.


Should network frequently with the Golden Retriever rescues in their region and share this information with the GRCA Care chairman and other representatives.

Act as liaison between GRCA CARE and local rescue organizations within the region.  Maintain communication, keep abreast of issues within their region.

In concert with the GRCA CARE administrative assistant, assist in the collection of information to be used for midyear and annual reports to the GRCA Board.  This information may include an annual rescue survey among other projects.

Assist the GRCA CARE chairman with projects such as the annual rescue survey or any other projects or surveys which are necessary

Assist the GRCA CARE chairman by identifying potential individuals within their regions who might be recommended to the Board to fill committee vacancies, or help with special projects

Administrative Assistant

Additional skills and qualifications:

GRCA member in good standing for a minimum of 1 year.

Preferred:  Advanced experience with typical office applications for creation of reports, presentations and record keeping.


Record keeping.  Maintain permanent copies of correspondence, surveys, reports, documents related to committee business.  Include information related to individual regions rescue organization status and operation for use by GRCA or GRF in awarding grants.

Document resources.  Create and maintain a library of sample documents to be used by regional rescue organizations as a result of GRCA CARE affiliation.  Maintain electronic files of all GRCA materials produced in support of rescue and public education. Check for updated and/or new materials. These materials are to be shared with the local rescue groups to support their public education efforts.

Provide assistance to regional rescue organizations for purposes of GRF Grant submittal or other interface to GRF or GRCA.

Maintain an accurate list of affiliated Golden Retriever rescues that interface with GRCA CARE.

Maintain a file on each local rescue which is or has been affiliated with the GRCA CARE. These documents are to be used to provide the GRF with current information on the status and operations of individual rescue groups that affect grant funding.

Assist in the creation of the annual survey of affiliated regional rescue organizations to be included in the committee chair annual report to the GRCA Board.  Updates should be created quarterly to ensure accurate information is available for discussion/use.

Create/maintain minutes of meetings as needed to document information shared.