GRCA Awards for People

The Ch/OTCh Wingmasters Ounce of Gold UDX WC, Can. CD Memorial Trophy

Donated by Rick’s friends and students and the admirers of the wonderful “TROY”

This is a perpetual trophy to be awarded annually to the highest scoring Golden Retriever owned by a member in good standing of the GRCA in a regular obedience class who is also shown in a regular conformation class at the show designated as the GRCA National Specialty. The dog/bitch may be shown by a handler. The high score in obedience is to be handicapped to allow the more difficult classes a bonus point:


  1. The owner/handler must register their intention to compete for this trophy with the Obedience Chairman. The dog must be shown in a regular obedience class and a regular conformation class.
  2. To be eligible for the trophy, the dog must have a score of at least 190 points and must compete in, but not necessarily place or win, in conformation.
  3. The Obedience classes for consideration for the trophy are:
    1. Novice A & B
    2. Open A & B
    3. Utility A & B
  4. The highest scoring dog/bitch would then be handicapped as follows to allow a bonus point added to the score to reflect the increased difficulty of the Open and Utility classes:
    1. Novice – 0
    2. Open – 1
    3. Utility – 2
  5. If two or more dogs have the same score, a run-off would be required. It is the responsibility of the owner/handler to be present at the end of obedience competition to participate in this run-off. If only one dog in a run-off competition appears, this dog will be designated the winner by default.
  6. Should all run-off participants not appear in a prompt manner, the winner will be designated as the dog from the highest class: i.e. Utility B, Utility A, Open B, Open A, Novice B, Novice A.


  1. The owner/handler must register their intention to compete for this trophy with the Conformation Chairman. They must be shown in a regular obedience class, with a minimum qualifying score of 190 or higher, and a regular conformation class.
  2. The conformation classes for consideration for the trophy are:
    1. Puppy 6-9 months, 9-12 months
    2. 12-18 months
    3. Novice
    4. Bred By Exhibitor
    5. American Bred
    6. Open
    7. Best of Breed
    8. Dogs competing in Best of Breed by virtue of a win from a non-regular class are not eligible to compete for this trophy.

This trophy is a crystal piece made by Steuben titled “best friend”.

It is 6 1/2 inches high and crafted by Taf Lebel Schaefer in l999. Steuben describes it as follows:

The “true blue, best friend” qualities of steadfast loyalty, faithful companionship and protective vigilance are elegantly captured in the shimmering abstract form of our dog. The relaxed posture suggests happiness and contentment, while the engaging and intelligent eyes reveal resilience and courage.

The cost of this piece is $995.00 and with the NY sales tax of 82.09, the total cost of the piece is $1077.09. We will have a custom base made for this piece which will provide a secure place for it on top, a brass plate with the name of the trophy will be on the front of the base and there will be brass plates on the other three sides for 24 to 30 names depending on the final size of the base. The base will be sturdy, but not too heavy and we will also provide a very secure shipping case for the trophy.

Both the base and packing case will be custom made to exactly fit the crystal piece so the final dimensions will not be available until the piece is approved so we may purchase it and arrange for the custom work. The total weight will be well under 40 pounds. The price will be determined after the piece is purchased and taken to have the base customized.