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CARE – GRCA Committee to Assist Rescue Efforts

The mission and purpose of the GRCA Committee to Assist Rescue Efforts (GRCA CARE) is to support and further the objectives of the Golden Retriever Club of America by providing a network for collaboration among those Golden Retriever rescues that meet published criteria for affiliation. CARE conducts an annual survey of all Golden Retriever Rescue organizations, which is used to help determine allocation of Golden Retriever Foundation (GRF) funding and also to provide input to the GRCA for future policy decisions. GRCA CARE acts as liaison between the GRF and local rescues with respect to grant funding, especially funding used toward rehabilitation of rescued dogs in need of veterinary care. More detailed information can be found on the GRF website at (

Full Legal Name of Rescue Home State  (XX) Other States served (XX, XX) Organization email
Arizona Golden Rescue AZ
Rescue A Golden of Arizona AZ AZ
Southern Arizona Golden Retriever Rescue AZ (Southern 1/3 of AZ – below city of Casa Grande) NM/TX
Golden Retriever Club of Greater Los Angeles Rescue CA N/A
Norcal Golden Retriever Rescue CA NV
Sunshine Golden Retriever Resue, LLC CT NJ, NY, MA, NH, RI, ME, VT
Golden Rescue South Florida FL
Golden Retriever Rescue of Mid-FL FL
Golden Retriever Rescue of Southwest Florida FL
Golden Retriever Rescue of Atlanta GA TN, NC, SC, AL
Golden Retriever Rescue of Iowa IA MN
Golden Retriever Rescue, Education and Training, INC MD/VA/DC (We cover all of DC, most of MD, and the Northern and Central areas of VA. We consider ourselves mostly MD and VA.) DE/PA/WV (We cover most of DE, the Eastern part of WV, and the South Central part of PA)
Golden Retriever Rescue of Michigan MI OH
Retrieve a Golden of the Midwest MN ND, SD, IO western WI
Montana’s Precious Gold Golden Retriever Rescue MT WY, SD, ND, ID
Neuse River Golden Retriever Rescue, Inc. NC NC
Triad Golden Retriever Rescue, Inc. NC VA, SC
Golden Retriever Rescue in Nebraska NE IO
Golden Re-Triever Rescue of New Jersey, Inc. NJ N/A
Golden Retriever Rescue Southern Nevada NV NV
Long Island Golden Retriever Rescue NY NJ, CT
Golden Retriever Rescue Resource, Inc OH parts of IN, MI
Golden Retrievers in Need Rescue Service, Inc. OH PA
Golden Treasures Golden Retriever Rescue, Inc. OH PA, MI, Il, KY
With a Golden Spirit, Inc. (WAGS) PA WV
Grand Strand Golden Retriever Rescue, Inc. SC NC
Grateful Goldens Rescue of the Low Country SC SC, GA
Adopt A Golden Nashville TN KY and AL
Golden Beginnings Golden Retriever Rescue TX
Southeastern Virginia Golden Retriver Rescue, Education and Training, Inc. VA N/A


Revised 6/5/24