About the Breed

GRCA Judges’ Education

The GRCA Judges’ Education Committee has been charged by GRCA with the task of building and maintaining educational materials for AKC conformation judges of Golden Retrievers.

 “To those who feel there is no value in watching Goldens run in field trials or in hunt tests, when their only interest is in conformation competition, you are wrong! It is vitally important to see first-hand the structure and athleticism needed to cover the terrain and perform the functions for which the breed was intended. Too many judges and fanciers today see only the lovely expression, wagging tail and often over-groomed, beautiful specimen in the conformation ring. Nothing can replace actually seeing this breed in action, fulfilling its historical purpose. The Golden Retriever’s athletic good looks must reflect its abilities, and nothing in the dog’s conformation should interfere with, or detract from, the Goldens’ working, sporting characteristics. After all, the breed standard states ‘Primarily a hunting dog.’” (Glenda Brown & Ainslie Mills. The Golden Retriever, Primarily a Hunting Dog: A Historical Perspective. Showsightonline.com, Feb 2015.) 

GRCA’s Judge’s Education Program

  1. Breed Mentors
    GRCA approved mentors are available by prior arrangement for kennel visits, individual tutoring sessions, or ringside mentoring. Contact the JEC for additional information or check the AKC judges’ directory (link below) for contact information.
  2. Committee Contacts
  3. The Presenter/Tutor Program
    The purpose of the Presenter/Tutor Program is to provide knowledgeable and capable mentors for GRCA Judges Education activities. These activities include giving presentations at GRCA National, Regional and local specialties; and at seminars/workshops sponsored by the AKC and independent judges’ organizations. GRCA approved Presenters/Tutors also act as individual tutors for approved and aspiring conformation judges and CCA Evaluators. Interested members are encouraged to find out more about participating in the program.
  4. Participants at past GRCA National Specialty Judges’ Education Events
  5. GRCA Judges Education PowerPoint Presentation !COMING SOON!

Golden Retriever Breeder Judges

  1. Breeder Judge List

Upcoming Events

  1. Upcoming GRCA National and Regional Specialties 
  2. Upcoming Judges’ Education Seminars and Workshops
  3. Upcoming Field Events for Retrievers
    GRCA encourages all conformation judges of Golden Retrievers to see the breed in action at a field trial, hunting test or GRCA working certificate test.
    For GRCA WC/WCX tests search here
    For AKC field events, search the AKC event site for the field trials or hunt tests by state here

Study Materials


    1. Judge’s Study Package for licensed and provisional judges. $25
    2. NEW Golden Retriever Conformation Judges Training Video
    3. The Golden Retriever: An Illustrated Study Guide
    4. Golden Retriever Quick Study Guide (suitable for double-sided printing)
    5. Golden Retriever-At a Glance (suitable for printing on legal paper and folding into a pamphlet) 
      1. De un Vistazo” Referencia para Jueces (en español)
    6. Articles, and Letters to Judges
      1. Breed Function: Food for Thought for Judges of Golden Retrievers
      2. Letter to Judges regarding correct coat and grooming practice
      3. Size Disqualification in Golden Retrievers
      4. Suggestions for Judging the Golden Retriever
      5. AKC Video on Measuring and Weighing
    7. The Golden Retriever – Structure, Movement and Use (Video)
      1. Part 1 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tkbi7a5cTLY
      2. Part 2 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rlX8op7MW_k
      3. Part 3 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YhF24-6PcA8
    8. IN REVIEW: JE Postings from GRCA Judge’s Education Facebook site
      1. Backline in Review
      2. Bite and Dentition in Review
      3. Coat Color in Review
      4. Length of Leg in Review
      5. Profile Movement in Review
      6. Upper Arm in Review