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From the GRCA Research Facilitator

The Golden Retriever Foundation is pleased to provide this portfolio of scientific papers generated by its nearly 20 years of research funding through the AKC Canine Health Foundation (CHF).  We are grateful to CHF for the tremendous amount of work they did in compiling this review, and for their expert guidance in selection and administration of the projects.

These papers have been published in peer-reviewed journals, which means that they have undergone scrutiny for merit and accuracy by other scientists working in the field.  An abstract (summary) of the research findings can be accessed by searching the title of the paper at, and in some cases the full paper is also available.  Although these abstracts are typically very technical, frequently the “Conclusion” or final sentences can be useful to general readers.

The success and impact of research is often measured by the peer-reviewed papers that result, and we are very proud to share this impressive compilation with GRF supporters who made it possible, and all Golden owners.

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Golden Retriever Foundation
CHF Grant Sponsorships and Resulting Publications through 2017