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Pigmentary Uveitis Letter to Owners

Leading experts in pigmentary uveitis recommend annual eye examinations for all Golden Retrievers, beginning in young adulthood (see eyes-health) These regular screenings may play an important role in preventive health care because early diagnosis and treatment of pigmentary uveitis may prevent or delay the most serious complications of the disease.

However, GRCA members have expressed that this can be a difficult topic to discuss with puppy buyers and families adopting older dogs. This is partly because most pet owners and many of their veterinarians are not familiar with the disease, but also partly because such a recommendation from a breeder could lead prospective owners to incorrectly believe that the breeder is aware of a specific risk in the line. Yet we know that at this time there can be no assurance that any Golden is safe from developing pigmentary uveitis, so essentially all Goldens are at risk.

The following page of this document is intended to assist breeders, rescue organizations, or anyone placing a Golden Retriever, in providing appropriate information about pigmentary uveitis to new owners and their veterinarians. It may be downloaded and printed, and it is encouraged that copies be included in puppy packets and go-home information. It is also suggested that new owners have a copy placed in their Golden’s veterinary chart for future reference.

Rhonda Hovan
GRCA Research Facilitator