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How to Participate in Cancer Research

Dear Doctor,

As you know, Golden Retrievers have a high incidence of cancer, with a 1998 Health Survey (results available on the Health Section of the GRCA website indicating that 57% of females and 66% of males will be affected. While many types of cancer are elevated in the breed, approximately one-half of the total is comprised of lymphoma (1 in 8 Goldens) and hemangiosarcoma (1 in 5 Goldens).

The Golden Retriever Club of America and the Golden Retriever Foundation have dedicated significant resources to improving Golden health, and are actively supporting numerous research studies investigating cancer in the breed. We are pleased to see results of these studies regularly published in premier medical journals, and translated into improved care opportunities.

In addition to financial support, we also aid researchers in obtaining vital tissue and/or blood samples from affected dogs. Along with this letter we have supplied a page with contact information for several of the programs investigating various cancers in Golden Retrievers. Owners do not need to be members of GRCA to participate, and we find that many owners are comforted to know that samples from their affected dog may benefit other dogs in the future. We hope that you will consider  discussing sample donation to support research with your clients when their Golden Retriever is diagnosed with (or suspected of having) cancer.

Thank you for your consideration of this request, and please feel free to contact us or refer your clients to us for further information.


Golden Retriever Club of America
Golden Retriever Foundation

Correspondence to: Rhonda Hovan, GRCA Research Facilitator
330-668-0044 or 330-338-4236