Electronic Health Survey Results at 1 year

Table 2

Estimated Prevalence Comparison of Three Major Causes
of Golden Retriever Cancer Deaths
1998 - 1999 Scientific Survey: 2012 Electronic Survey
1998 Scientific Health Survey
Based on 427 deceased dogs
Electronic Survey
1 Yr Results Based on 1511 deceased dogs
Change in prevalence from 1998 Survey
Type of cancer# affected% of deaths# affected% of deaths (a)
Hemangiosarcoma8018.7%37024.5%31% increase
Lymphoma4911.5%16811.1%3.5% decrease
Osteosarcoma225.2%543.6%31% decrease
Total15135.3%58638.8%10% increase
  1. Since these three cancers are considered to be nearly universally fatal diseases, an assumption was made that these dogs are deceased.  It is acknowledged that this is an inherently flawed assumption because some of these dogs may still have been alive at the time they were entered into the survey.  Therefore these percentages are clearly inexact, but are included here just as a very rough comparison to 1998 data.  The percentages in this column and in the “Change in Prevalence” column would be decreased when dogs die from these diseases after the time their data were entered.