Touched by the Peacemaker (Sister Pauline Quinn, OP)

In his distinctive blue uniform vest, he walked steadily down one of the most forlorn and desperate corridors in America – the Death Row cellblock of Louisiana’s infamous Angola Prison.

He knew prisons of course, knew the smell of them and sensed the hopelessness within them, but Angola was a special case, a place where a life sentence really meant a lifetime. Eightyfive percent of the 5,000 men confined there would die within those walls and be buried in the prison’s own cemetery.

Showing no fear, he stepped close to one of the cells and a heavy hand reached out through the bars, groping for his neck. He didn’t flinch. His name, Pax, meant “peace,” and that’s what he was there to bring. As a Golden Retriever, it’s what he was born for.

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