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Purina Parent Club Partnership (PPCP) Program

purinaThe Golden Retriever Club of America participates in the Purina Parent Club Partnership (PPCP) Program to earn funding for canine health studies, education and/or rescue efforts that will benefit our breed. For information on becoming a PPCP member, click here to be taken to the PPCP page.

Effective July 31, 2018 Purina discontinued the acceptance of weight circles and has adopted a receipt scan process.  This makes it much easier and faster to have points credited into your account!  For information on the procedure go to:  https://receiptcapturestorageprd.blob.core.windows.net/files/FAQ.pdf. For every $100 of qualifying  points earned by Pro Club members, Purina donates $10 to the participating national parent breed club.

The total amount donated has increased to $276,060!  The earned amount for 2018 was $39,875

For more information contact Lynn Heidinger .

* 2003:  $ 9,300
* 2004:  $11,816
* 2005:  $15,005
* 2006:  $14,938
* 2007:  $17,655
* 2008:  $17,325
* 2009: $16,473

* 2010: $16,143
* 2011: $15,099
* 2012: $15,189
* 2013: $15,575
* 2014: $17,851
* 2015: $18,096
* 2016: $17,810

*2017 $17,910
*2018 $39,875

Through the PPCP Program, Purina and the AKC Canine Health Foundation work together to help parent clubs address priority health concerns for their breeds and areas not previously funded. Here’s how the PPCP Program works:

Pro Club members redeem weight circles from bags of participating Purina brand dog foods. Purina tracks these weight circle submissions, and for every $100 of qualifying weight circle points earned by Pro Club members, Purina donates $10 to the participating national parent breed club.

Points are accumulated throughout a calendar year, and in June, a check representing 10% of the value of the submitted weight circles for the year is evenly split. Fifty percent will go to the Canine Health Foundation, in the name of the Golden Retriever Foundation (designated as a GRCA/GRF donor advised fund) and will be specifically directed for research of Golden Retriever health issues. These monies are eligible to be matched up to 100 percent by the Canine Health Foundation if it meets the Foundations funding guidelines. The remaining fifty percent will be issued to GRCA to be used for rescue, education and/or research as determined by the Club.