Club Magazine – Golden Retriever News

How to Submit your CCA Report to the GRNews

All CCA qualifying participants enjoy seeing their dog’s photo and name noted in the Golden Retriever News. To do this correctly, without errors, just follow the steps noted below. It is also a great way for your club to receive the recognition they deserve for a job well done!

  • Provide either clear prints (35mm) or digital images taken at high resolution.
  • Group the CCA qualifiers together. Make sure each dog is visible. Long lines of people/dogs side by side result in a smaller photo in the magazine. If qualifiers are grouped in two rows with the front row kneeling down with their dogs, the photo will be larger. No individual dog/owner photos, please!
  • Label photos or images A, B, C and provide names of dogs and last names of owners left to right for each photo/image. Any qualifying dogs not pictured will be listed after the pictured dogs are identified. Each photo/image should include the name of the hosting club and “CCA”; i.e. CCA_atlantaGRC_A.jpg
  • Please make sure that you include either a photo of the evaluators by themselves, or that they are included and named in one of the group shots. Again, you can have them stand behind a kneeling group of people/dogs in order to have a “tighter” photo.
  • Results should be sent e-mail or on a disk in MSWord format and include:
    • Name of hosting club
    • Date
    • Location
    • Person reporting
    • Evaluator’s names
    • Number of dogs participating
    • Number of dogs qualifying
    • Name of each qualifying dog (AKC registered name; include any titles)
    • Last name of owner
  • Please remember we publish photos of qualifying dogs only.
  • Submit to : Sylvia Donahey-Feeney
    1183 Debbie Hill Rd.
    Cotati, CA 94931
  • Or you may e‑mail all of the above to Sylvia.

This report and photos must be submitted to the GRNews within 15 days of the completion of your event.