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Triathlon Awards

The Golden Retriever Club of America Triathlon Award

In recognition of the versatility of the Golden Retriever, and to encourage owners to showcase that versatility by participating in multiple areas of competition at National and Regional specialty events, the Golden Retriever Club of America has established a “Triathlon Award” for dogs which meet the following criteria:

An individual dog/bitch must qualify in each of three categories at the same National or Regional Specialty

  • triatholon7Conformation: must place in a regular, non-regular, sweepstakes, veteran sweepstakes, or gun dog sweepstakes class; or receive a Judges Award of Merit in Best of Breed competition; or obtain passing scores from at least two evaluators at the CCA test. Note: Multiple dog classes such as Stud Dog, Brood Bitch or Brace do not qualify.
  • Field: must pass either the WC or WCX test; or pass any level in a hunt test; or place or receive a Judges Award of Merit in any stake in a field trial.
  • Performance: must pass a tracking test; or obtain a qualifying score in any individual regular or non-regular obedience, agility, rally or scent work class. Note: Multiple dog classes such as Brace or Team do not qualify.

Additional Rules:

  1. The required combination of criteria must be received on the same individual dog at the same National or Regional specialty, and be the result of successful participation as outlined above. Participation in multi-dog events such as Stud Dog, Brood Bitch, and Brace are not eligible.
  2. Neutered or spayed animals are eligible to compete provided they are also eligible for the class or test in which they are entered.
  3. The owner must be a current member of the GRCA at the time of the Specialty.
  4. The owner must complete a Triathlon Award application and submit it to the Triathlon Award Chairperson. The application must have attached to it the complete documentation that demonstrates that the dog has met all of the qualifications for the award.
  5. No advertising or listing of the Triathlon Award is to appear on any advertisements, web sites, or databases prior to receiving formal documentation from GRCA that the Triathlon Award has been earned, nor shall recognition of Triathlon Award take place at National or Regional specialties prior to receiving formal documentation from GRCA that the Triathlon Award has been earned.
  6. Once the documentation has been verified and requirements have been meet, a certificate of recognition will be sent to the owner, and the owner may submit a write-up of this accomplishment for publication in the GR News. A photo of at least 300dpi and a brief write-up, including the name and location of the event, should be sent to the address below. Write-ups and photos may be sent via Email or regular mail.