AKC Licensed Field Trials

Goldens who became Qualified All Age in 2016


The following is a list of those Goldens that became Qualified All Age dogs in 2016.  Congratulations to all these Great Goldens as well as to their very proud owners.

Their names include only field titles.  Some of these highly talented dogs have titles in other venues as well.

Adirondac Hocus Pocus MH (Pokey) – Carol Lantiegne
Beck’s Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah SH (Zip) – Rodger & Sue Armstrong
Bulrush Attaboy From Ram River (Atter) – Ron Bischke
Conbrio’s Casimir MH (Callie) – Jean Kornblut
Duso’s Phoenix of Temair MH (Scarlet) – Brenda Lokey
Firemark’s Antinori Tignanello (Tig) – Lanier Fogg
Francalia Seek & You Shall Find MH (Saint) – Judy Chaput & Denise Page
Gingrocks & Lows Legacy – Martha McCool
Heads Up Just Do It (Nike) – Karen Stewart
Heads Up Tsunami (Zeke) – Marcia Johnson
Heads Up Winter Storm Warning (Ice) – Tony Zappa
High Times Instant Soup MH (Saucy) – Bridget Carlson
KC Eyes of Augustus SH (Auggie) – Roger Fuller
Max Q Saint Louie MH (Louie) – John Gassner and Andy Whiteley
PC’s I Shot The Sheriff (Gunner) Tom Kitchens
Salt Marsh Tegan-lir (Tegan) – Gerri Mitchell
Skylight’s Repeat Offender SH (Pete) – Audrey & Bruce Coleman
Skyriver’s Jaeger Meister MH (Jaeger) – Kevin Kehoe
StoneFlys Ruby River SH (Ruby) – Larry Thompson & Jody ElleTopbrass City Limits MH (Austin) – Bob & Macy Swift
Topbrass Gone With The Wind (Rhettbutler) – Martha Glenn
Topbrass Little Bow River (Brook) – Laura Jones
Turbo Don’t Ask Why MH (Molly) – Ron Rubrecht
Wildfire’s Tnt (Boom) – Roselyn Wilson
Windbreakers Premium Ale (Amber) – Fred Warf & Tammy Zahornacky
Windbreaker’s Resawood Premium Select SH (Louie) – Nancy Murillo
Windbreaker’s Bodacious Rascal (Bode) – Meg and Bob Beck