GRCA National and Regional Specialties



The National Specialty Director is responsible for ensuring that the National and Regional Specialties conducted by the GRCA are held within current GRCA guidelines. The National Specialty Director and Committee (NSC) shall have the authority, support and funding to approve and oversee the National and Regional Specialties in coordination with approved and qualified host clubs. The NS Director will report to the GRCA Board of Directors to ensure GRCA policies and timeline objectives are met.

The duties of the NS Director and Committee include:

  • Serve as the liaison between the host club and the GRCA Board of Directors for the National Specialty
  • Evaluate the potential host club’s ability to be a successful Specialty host, including but not limited to, visiting the proposed site along with other NSC members or appointees
  • Mentor the host club’s event Chairperson and communicate “lessons learned” from past GRCA National Specialties
  • Provide specific advice and possible task assumptions on such issues as superintendent selection, catalog and ribbon purchases, grounds/show site, insurance, judges contracts, etc.
  • Work with the event Chairperson to optimize scheduling of events
  • Work with the event Chairperson to complete AKC application, date conflict checks, rule interpretations, new classes offered, etc.
  • Ensure that events are in compliance with GRCA policies and AKC’s Rules Applying to Dog Shows and other regulations noted in AKC’s Show/Trial Manual
  • Coordinate with National Specialty Health Seminars Chair and with National Specialty Results Chair to ensure a smoothly running operation
  • Maintain the content of the GRCA Specialty Handbooks and update information as needed


Adopted March, 2013-MY 13-07

Amended April, 2016 Res. 16-34