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Finding Field Contacts: Mission Impossible?

The training methods used by the pro were at the opposite end of the pole from what I had used for obedience work. I spent hours throwing for the pro’s dogs in exchange for just a few minutes of working with my dog. Learn more now!

GRCA Field Education Subcommittee

The GRCA Field Education Subcommittee (FEC) is part of the GRCA Breed Education Committee. Its mission is to enhance all members’ appreciation of the breed’s purpose as primarily a hunting dog. Learn more now!

Field Network List

May 2016
Field Network List
This list is provided to help you find others who are interested in and participate in field training their retrievers.  The GRCA does not endorse the persons or clubs on the list, but provides the information which has been made available.  You may also contact the members of the GRCA’s Field Education Committee for additional information; their contact information is can be found here.