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Comparison of WC, WCX, and Junior Hunting Tests

comparison comparison2

On LeadYesNoYes
Touch the DogMay gently guide by the collarNoGently restrain by the collar
Talk while dog is workingNoNoYes, softly
Handle to markNoNoYes, 1 series only
Cover TypesLight to ModerateModerateLight to Heavy
Length of MarksLand: 40 - 50 yds
Water: 25 - 30 yds
Land: 60 - 100 yds
Water: 45 - 60 yds
Land: 30 - 100 yds
Water: 30 - 100 yds
Decoys NoYesYes, land &/or water
Flyers (live birds)Land - Yes, judges optionYesYes
Hold ShotgunNoNoNo
Hidden GunnersNoNoYes
Clothing - HandlerLight coloredLight coloredCamouflage or dark
Passes needed for title114
Minimum # of series per test1 Land Double
2 Water Singles
1 Land Triple
1 Water Double
2 Land Singles
2 Water Singles
RecastYes, if confusionYes, if confusionYes, if confusion
Retrieve to handNoYesYes
Use of a “Winger”NoYesYes