CCA Entrants

What the CCA Program IS and ISN’T


IT ISN’T just another title and a quick way to earn a versatility certificate.

IT ISN’T just a way for Goldens from show lines that don’t compete in the breed ring to get an easier title.

IT ISN’T a program where Goldens from working lines will get scored tougher and/or evaluated against a style that is being shown in the breed ring today.

IT ISN’T a program where all scores will be identical even though Evaluators are comparing the same dog to the same Standard. Scores will vary to some degree and each Evaluator’s interpretation of the written words in the Standard and the scoring system will differ. This has been taken into consideration and that is why you can enter the same dog in two events and/or a maximum of six evaluation tries.

IT ISN’T a program where you can just visually assess which dogs should or shouldn’t get a CCA Title by being a spectator or looking at pictures. There is no substitute for a hands-on written critique scored against all the written components of the Standard including temperament.

IT ISN’T a program where Goldens are compared to each other and placed or awarded placements because of what the other Goldens looks like.


IT ISN’T that easy.

To earn the CCA Title, a golden must have three scores of seventy-five or above with no two categories scoring four or less, no category scoring two or less and no disqualifying faults. An Honorable Mention is awarded to those that earned three scores above or between sixy-five and seventy-four, these scores are noted in the program as above acceptable conformation for a Golden Retriever and IT IS an award to be very proud of.

IT IS a program where the Evaluators are qualified to interpret the Standard. They have met strict criteria, are knowledgeable about the breed’s history and have had years of hands-on experience. They certainly wouldn’t be volunteering all their time and energy if they didn’t care about you, your Golden and the future of this breed.

IT IS a program where it takes guts to enter your Golden and have your dog critiqued by someone you only heard of and probably never met before.

IT IS a program that will archive the information, critiques and pictures for future breeders and owners.


IT IS an educational gateway for everyone to reflect on the written description of what is “ideal” for this incredible breed, the essence of a Golden Retriever, that is timeless, without prejudice and not subject to changing fashion or popular style.

The CCA Committee