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Tweed Water Spaniel

This picture has become the accepted resemblance of what is referred to as the Tweed Water Spaniel (a breed now extinct). Water Spaniel painting by John Carlton 1864. Like many of the gentry of this time, Marjoribanks was keenly interested in the breeding of quality livestock as well as dogs. His interest in retrievers stemmed from the personal desire to develop a superb retriever suited to the Scottish climate, terrain and type of available game. In 1868 and 1871, breedings of Nous to Belle, a Tweed Water Spaniel (a breed now extinct), resulted in several yellow pups that became the foundation for a distinctive line of yellow retrievers.

Master National Qualifiers (Finalists) – 1991 through 2017

List of Hunting Test Master National Qualifiers (Finalists) 1991 through 2017 The titles included below are limited to AKC and GRCA field titles, and were those the dogs had at the time of the Master National. Many of the dogs have additional titles. Members may access a Golden's current titles in the GRCA Yearbook Database [...]

General Firsts

Golden Retriever Firsts 1st Golden Retriever NOUS Owner: Lord Tweedmouth (Dudley Marjoribanks ) 1st Golden Retriever Registered in the US LOMBERDALE BLONDIN November 1925 Owner: Capt. C. Waterhouse then Robert Appleton Golden Retriever Club of America incorporated 1938 1st GRCA National Specialty Thiensville, WI May 13, 1940: Best of Breed BEAVERTAIL GAY LADY Owner: Beavertail [...]

The Day We Met Dileas

The Day We Met Dileas By Tom Rutland and Sarah Rutland "As we left Tomich, we thought of the uniqueness of Guisachan - its isolation and its beauty - and the strength of character and purpose of the Scottish nobleman who bred the first Golden Retrievers and who could not have dreamed of how much [...]

The Origins of the Golden Retriever Revisited

The Origins of the Golden Retriever Revisited By Jeffrey Pepper Golden Retrievers have become on of the most popular breeds in the United States during the last decade yet there are many who are still confused as to the true origins of the breed. This is not at all surprising as there have been at [...]

Early Ancestors of the Golden Retriever

Early Ancestors of the Golden Retriever By Mrs. Mark D. Elliott Several years ago my attention was called to an article by Mrs. Elma Stonex in the British "Dog World" Magazine revealing facts of origin about the Golden Retriever which refuted the colorful and romantic story of the Russian circus dogs as the forebears of [...]

Origin of the Yellow Retriever

Origin of the Yellow Retriever By The Earl of Ilchester (This article was printed in Country Life Magazine (England), July 25, 1952.) For some years I have been intending to put on paper my recollections of the earliest history of the yellow, wavy-coated retrievers, which have, in recent years, become so numerous and so popular […]


This image features Crocus (Nous x Belle) born 1868. Generations of these and subsequent breedings are recorded in the kennel records that were kept at Guisachan which are now in the Kennel Club Library. Nous and Belle’s descendants were combined with wavy and flat-coated retrievers, another Tweed Water Spaniel, and a red setter. Marjoribanks kept primarily the yellow puppies (and a few blacks) to continue his line.

Dudley Marjoribanks

The Golden Retriever originated in the Highlands of Scotland in the late 1800s and owes its development to Dudley Marjoribanks, (later known as Lord Tweedmouth).

Guisachan House

It all started at Guisachan House, as it appeared circa 1897 – The home of Lord Tweedmouth